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Ready When You Are: The Katun Online Catalog!

The Katun Online Catalog is your convenient one-stop source for thousands of quality products at competitive prices. With a wide product selection, real-time inventory, helpful tools for searching and ordering, a new product announcements e-mail alert, account management tools and much more, the Katun Online Catalog is quick, convenient and ready any time you need to place an order. We’re mobile-friendly; the Online Catalog mobile site makes ordering from your mobile device quick and easy.

To register for the Katun Online Catalog, click on the “Sign Up” button at the top right side of the page.

If you are already registered and would like to access the Katun Online Catalog, click on the “Log In” button at the top right side of the page.

The Katun Online Catalog: Key Features

User-Friendly Search Tool

Fewer clicks means quicker and more efficient ordering! You can easily conduct the following searches:

Click Through Searching Screenshot
Click-through Searching

New click-through searching enables quick searching by simply clicking on the machine model number.

Flyout Search Screenshot
Flyout Searches

Flyout search functionality enables quick drill-down by OEM, product category and model number.

Intelligent Search Screenshot
Part Number Searches

This “intelligent” search function enables you to enter full or partial part numbers – with or without spaces or punctuation marks (such as hyphens) – to quickly locate the product you need. Works with Katun part numbers as well as OEM part numbers.

Model / Product Search

You establish the criteria – whether very specific or very broad – based on your needs, and this extremely versatile search function does the rest! No need for part numbers! Simply zero in by OEM, equipment type, model, and product category. For example, with just a few clicks you can find:

  • all the Katun toners for use in Canon copiers
  • all Katun products available for use in the Konica 7050 digital copier/printer
  • thousands of other variations – based on your specific needs.
Product / Category Search

Now you can quickly narrow your search by selecting from a wide range of equipment types for a particular OEM.

Previously Ordered Products Search

A great timesaver! Assemble your order quickly using a custom-built list of products that you have ordered previously from the Katun Online Catalog. We’ll keep track of products you order – simply select which products you want to order and click on the “Add to Order” button.

Introduction Date Search

Find the newest opportunities to save with new Katun products! Choose an introduction date and the type of products you are interested in to view a comprehensive list of the latest products from Katun.

Accessory Products Search

Here you’ll find a separate product search just for accessory products, which includes more detailed product descriptions and images.

Other Key Features Include:

Order Summary, Language Options Screenshot
Order Summary Box

Now, from virtually anywhere on the site, you can quickly and conveniently keep track of your current order as you place it, as well as view your entire order with the click of the mouse.

Language Options

All versions of the Katun Online Catalog are accessible in any of our standard languages: English, French, German, Italian, Portuguese, Spanish, Russian and Chinese.

My Order History Screenshot
My Order History

Katun customers can easily access and view details of orders they’ve placed via both the online catalog and through other methods. Details available include pricing, order number, PO numbers, shipping methods, shipping dates, tracking information and much more!

Easy Access to Model Equivalencies

Link to Katun’s model equivalency list directly from the top of every page of search results. The list shows which OEM models are sold under other brand names. You can also find this list under the ‘Resources’ heading in the navigation bar.

Full or Partial Product Descriptions

Choose whether you see full or partial product descriptions in your initial search results. Search results with partial descriptions can be processed more quickly, and give you the option of accessing more information with one click – whereas full in-depth product descriptions give you all the relevant product information, right up front. Either way – it’s your choice!

Product Images Screenshot
Product Images

We now have hundreds of product listing images, including our service accessories, allowing you to see what you’re getting – even before you get it.

Search Results Per Page

Choose the number of items displayed on each page when conducting a search.

Real Time Information

Our product offering, availability, and pricing is now presented in “real time.” Whether a product is in stock or out of stock, you’ll know immediately.

Download Search Results

With the click of a button, you can download the results of any search and import them into spreadsheets and ordering systems.

Search Results Defined by Machine Type

To better help you to identify the products that you need by machine type, line item search results now identify each product as working in a copier, printer, and/or facsimile.

New Product Announcements Screenshot
New Product Announcements

Stay up to date on Katun’s monthly new product introductions by using the New Product Announcements feature. When we introduce new products that meet the criteria you’ve selected, you’ll be notified via e-mail of their availability and price. You can link directly from the e-mail to the Online Catalog search results and add the items to your online order!

“Basic” Version of Online Catalog for Technicians and Others

If there are employees within your organization that would like access to the Katun Online Catalog, but you do not want to give them the ability to see pricing or place orders, they can now register and get immediate access to the basic version of our online catalog.

New Navigation Bar

Navigation Bar Screenshot Now many of our user-friendly features, including ‘My Order details, ‘My Account’ pages and ‘Resources’, are just a single click away via our new drop-down navigation. It’s quicker and easier than ever before!


You will find these symbols used extensively throughout the online catalog.

Katun® Performance®
Katun Performance Symbol indicates this is a Katun® Performance® product.
In Stock/Out-of-Stock
In Stock Symbol indicates a product is in stock.
Out Stock Symbol indicates a product is temporarily out of stock. In these cases, an estimated product availability date will be provided. If you order an out-of-stock product, it will be put on backorder.

Universal Product
Universal Product Symbol indicates that one Katun part number is universal to multiple OEM part numbers, a list of which can be seen by clicking on the Universal symbol. Purchasing universal products allows you to maintain inventory more efficiently and cost-effectively.
Search Help
Search Help Symbol Explains in detail how a particular search functions.
Products Added to Order
Products Added Symbol Indicates the product was successfully added to your shopping cart.
Products Not Added Symbol Indicates the product was not added to your shopping cart.
To register for the Katun Online Catalog, click on the “Sign Up” button at the top right side of the page.
If you are already registered and would like to access the Katun Online Catalog, click on the “Log In” button at the top right side of the page.