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Save Time & Money with Katun’s Automated Toner Fulfillment Program

When you participate in Katun’s Automated Toner Fulfillment Program, we’ll automatically drop-ship replacement toner directly to your end-user, exactly when they need it. Our software integrates directly with the Print Audit Accelerator and Premier MPS programs, so it’s quick and easy. When a “low toner” status is detected on any of the networked devices, a replenishment order is automatically triggered.

  • Reduce your inventory costs and save your customer the burden of storing toner cartridges.
  • Reduce time and effort; you don’t need to pick, pack or ship product.
  • There’s no need to monitor the devices in your MPS network; the ATF program does it for you.
  • Real time monitoring saves money by eliminating wasted toner; cartridges delivered just-in-time.
  • Retain captured business – automatic toner fulfillment further secures your MPS customers and helps you maintain high levels of customer satisfaction.


Download the Automated Toner Fulfillment Flyer for a detailed description (415 KB)

Request a callback from a Katun representative for more information regarding this program; learn how Katun’s MPS reimbursement benefit can help you and your customers.

Call your sales representative or Katun Customer Service today at 1-800-328-2965.