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Recycling Super Hero


Dan is a recycling hero because,

  • He recycles as many used drum cores and toner cartridges as he can.
  • He helps make the planet cleaner by recycling and disposing of waste responsibly and not in landfills.
  • He ensures availability of high-quality, cost-saving remanufactured products from Katun.

Be more like Dan — recycle your used drum cores and toner cartridges with our recycling partners.

Katun actively participates in the circular economy by selling recycled products that provide our dealer customers with high quality, cost effective replacement parts — which also helps our environment.

Therefore, we greatly encourage our customers to return these used cartridges and cores, as we are developing recycled products for market needs.

Now is your chance to make a difference! Click on the drop-down menu below to select your country and to know which recycling company we recommend for your used office e-waste. If you do not see your country listed, we currently do not have a recycling partner available but still encourage you to recycle.