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KATUN® and PrintFleet® are partnering to offer you a complete remote monitoring system, KDFM OPTIMIZER designed to collect, store and analyze critical printing data from your client’s location. It empowers dealers to build a stronger customer relationships while evolving their overall corporate value.

Trust the leaders in the MPS industry to manage your printing devices fleet and take benefit of its most recognized features:

  • Unparalleled device information – thanks to PrintFleet’s collaborative relationship with the OEMs, KDFM OPTIMIZER enables access to all device data including name, supplies status, device status, errors codes, yesterday meter count, serial number, IP address, location, and last active date.
  • Robust Alert Functionality – proactively manage your customer print environment, supplies and service. Ensure Just-in-Time toner deliveries and reduce your inventory.
  • Portal Customization – KDFM OPTIMIZER can be customized to match your corporate brand. Simply add your logo and corporate color to the login screen.
  • Comprehensive Reports – Create and edit reports with exactly the information you want and share with other users or email to your customers.
  • Maps – your service team will know exactly where devices are located at customer sites. Flashing indicators show you the device status.
  • Automated Billing Process – using API technology, exporting to third party systems has never been easier.

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