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It Wasn’t Easy.

Finding dependable color imaging supplies that provide the right combination of quality, selection and value used to be an unsolvable challenge. Early on, the OEMs were the only ones that got color right, but at a very high cost that made dealer profitability an enigma. And the aftermarket had affordable products, but often disastrous results; they hadn’t quite figured out the color code.

Not anymore. Katun’s team of engineers, technicians and product development experts, leveraging decades of industry experience, product expertise, sophisticated product development processes and solid relationships with trusted manufacturing partners, have found the key to developing high-quality, high-value color products.

Katun provides office equipment and office supplies dealers and distributors with:

  • Thousands of color products for copiers, printers and MFPs, covering every major OEM line.
  • Outstanding color reproduction.
  • Consistent, reliable image quality.
  • Excellent overall product performance.
  • Significant cost savings vs. OEM products.

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Trust Katun — We Cracked the Color Code!