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How to change your Novell and Active Directory Passwords in Windows 7.

When you are prompted to change your password, please follow the below steps.

Step 1

In the task tray click on the double arrows to bring up the hidden icons.

Step 2

Right mouse click on the red N and select “User Administration for KCROOT”.

Step 3

Then choose “Novell Password Administration…”

Step 4

Click the “Change Password” button

Step 5

Highlight both KATUNCORP and KCROOT. (KATUNCORP is Active Directory and KCROOT is Novell)
With both highlighted type in your old password in the first box.
In the second and third box type in your new password (10 character minimum) then click OK.
If you only see KATUNCORP then cancel and log into Novell (KCROOT) and start these steps over.

Doing it this way will ensure that both your Novell and Active Directory passwords stay synced.