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Is the scary cost of OEM color supplies sneaking up on you? Slowly, relentlessly creeping up on you?

Don’t clown around with your profitability!

Your customers expect you to provide flawless color supplies: excellent color quality, equivalent yields, affordable prices and reliable performance – with no surprises. The OEMs – well, they’re running the three-ring circus, enforcing purchase quotas that are harder to swallow than a rubber chicken, all the while sneakily raising prices as part of the process.

And you still need to focus on making a reasonable profit while satisfying your customers with high-quality color supplies.

The solution to this frightening dilemma: Katun color imaging supplies.

Katun leverages decades of industry experience, product expertise, sophisticated product development processes and solid relationships with trusted manufacturing partners, to develop high-quality, high-value color products. To ensure these products meet your expectations, they are subjected to stringent testing and held to the highest quality standards.

We offer thousands of color printer, copier and MFP products – including toner, drums and parts – for every major OEM line.

Don’t be intimidated by the scary cost of OEM color supplies – fight back with Katun color!

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