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Let’s be honest. Not that long ago, choosing aftermarket color instead of OEM color products was a terrifying ordeal. How good is the color reproduction? Will there be a catastrophic failure? Will my customers be dissatisfied?

Thanks to Katun, those days are behind us. We provide office imaging professionals with the silver bullet and the wooden stake they need to vanquish their fear of color. It’s called Katun color quality.

Katun’s team of engineers, technicians and product development experts, leveraging decades of industry experience, product expertise, sophisticated product development processes and solid relationships with trusted manufacturing partners, have found the key to developing high-quality, high-value color products. Our products are subjected to stringent testing and held to the highest quality standards.

  • 30 billion*+ color pages have been produced using Katun color toners.
  • 100+ new color products launched globally this year.
  • Millions of dollars invested in our Research & Development lab to ensure quality products.

Combine Katun’s high color quality with significant cost savings – and you’ll see why
Katun Takes the Fear Out of Color.

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