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HP Printers Troubleshooting Guides

HP Printers

Standard Error Codes
02 Warming up (if> 3 minutes, see error 50)
11 Paper out
12 Printer open
13 Paper jammed. Sensor broken or paper out of position.
14 Toner low
18 MIO not ready/Init
20 Memory error. Document too complex for available memory or memory simm has gone bad.
21 Print overrun
22 IO configuration, Par, MIO error
23 IO not ready
24 Job memory full
25 XXX Memory full
30 PS error
41 Temporary print engine failure. Power cycle. If that does not work, the DC controller, scanner assembly, or fuser optic cable may be broken depending on the model LaserJet.
50 Fuser malfunction. Power cycle. If this does not work either the AC power module, DC controller or a combination may be bad.
51 Loss of beam detect. Power cycle. If problem continues, scanner assembly, scanner cables or DC controller maybe defective.
52 Scanner error. Power cycle. Defective scanner or scanner cables.
53 Accessory memory full
54 Duplex feed error
55 Internal communication problem
56 Output Selector II/IIID/III/4si
57 Incompatible memory card
57.X Fans, mail motor, DC controller
58 Fan, fan cable, DC controller
59 Add memory
60-68 Simm memory/Formatter
69 Remove optional I/O PCA
70-71 Persoanlity cart/SIMM incompatible
72 Replace font cart or formatter
79 Formatter defective or non-standard add-on maybe defective (i.e. font cart, simms, MIO card etc.)
80 MIO error. MIO card or formatter is defective.
81 Replace formatter PCA
89 PostScript ROM failure
Blank Defective display panel
FS Disk Failure 4V only (printer detected disk failure)
PC Install 4V only (paper casette tray problems)