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Streamline Your Managed Print Services Offerings

KDFM Printanista is our new remote device management platform designed to simplify and streamline meter collection and billing, supplies and service delivery and enable an exceptional customer experience regardless of your customer’s print environment.

KDFM Printanista also provides comprehensive and interactive dashboards as well as direct integration into external systems (ERPs).

Another major benefit of this new software is the Remote Device Link that gives access to any device’s internal webpage directly from the KDFM Printanista Portal with no additional onsite components.

KDFM PRINTANISTA can be directly connected to Katun’s automated reforestation program, Print it Plant It, in partnership with PrintReleaf™, to reduce organization’s environmental impact by automatically planting trees where the planet needs it most.

KDFM PRINTANISTA also enables the dealers to run Green Reports to evaluate the Eco impact of every customer print environment to potentially recommend more energy-efficient devices.

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The next-generation data collection agent (DCA) can be installed on multi-platform environments (Windows®, macOS®, Linux®, and Raspberry Pi®) to automatically collect data from an unlimited number of devices, regardless the OEM manufacturer, with a single tool.

Stop doing manual meter reads! Get fast and accurate information.


Printing data of USB devices can be collected directly using Printanista Workflow, the user management software.

Cover all your networked and non-networked customers devices under the same offering!


Access to the internal web pages of most major manufacturer print devices to enable troubleshooting and technical support remotely. The features of each device’s interface depend on manufacturer, but can include log retrievals, firmware updates, and configuration settings.

Send a tech only when needed!


The access to the KDFM Printanista web portal is controlled with permissions-based user management. Logins can be restricted to a set of customers for a single dealer, or a single end-customer.

Printanista is fully compliant with GDPR and EU protection regulation. A full and comprehensive set of policies and procedures are in place to fully comply with the industry-standard security requirements.

Cover all your networked and non-networked customers devices under the same offering!


KDFM Printanista uses predictive analytics to give dealers and users greater insight into their print environment and optimize consumables management.



Automatic alerts (with flexible configuration) for low supplies level, consumable replacements or error codes for integration into external solutions.

Out-of-the-box or custom reports can be automatically generated to assist management of your customer’s print environment.


Print data collection, alerts and reports on thermal printers from Zebra®. This delivers more accurate, reliable insights to power your managed print programs.

Add more devices and customers to your MPS programs!



KDFM Printanista includes an inbuilt API solution for integration with external solutions, like ERP, CRM or any other logistic platform.

Simplify your order processing!


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