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Katun CTS Professional Services and Support

For 40 years, Katun has been an industry leader in product quality and technical expertise. Now, Katun’s technical staff is available to support your maintenance and growth initiatives. Katun CTS (Customer Technical Services) representatives are available to train, educate and serve, either on your site, at your customer’s location or via the telephone.

Training Seminars and Hands-On Technical Sessions

Increase your organization’s technical expertise.

  • Machine maintenance
  • Machine refurbishment
  • Product rebuilding
  • Fuser cleaning
  • Machine operational settings

& Experience

Katun CTS Managers are technical and market experts:

  • 20+ years of industry experience each
  • Six Sigma certified
  • OEM trained

Roadshows and Seminars

Educate customers and persuade prospects on Katun’s expertise and product quality.

  • Katun product development processes
  • Katun quality standards and testing
  • How Katun delivers value

Extended KDFM (MPS) Training

Additional training is available beyond Katun’s standard KDFM training.

CTS Professional Services and Support are available in hourly, half-day and full day increments, including options for travel/overnight stays. Full geographic coverage provided throughout Europe, Africa and the Middle East.

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Visit Quality Page IconFor pricing and additional information, please contact your local Katun Customer Service or Sales representative.