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KDFM eXplorer

With +40 years of expertise in the imaging industry, Katun knows the main concerns from the OEC dealers: cost streamlining, productivity optimization and customer satisfaction. Therefore, Katun has partnered with a European leader in the remote management of printers and multifunction devices industry.

KDFM eXplorer provides a unique data collection technology to get maximum reliability and security, allowing dealers to optimize their processes and analyze devices data through the most advanced business intelligence tools.

Main features:

  • Complete remote monitoring of entire print fleets (compatible with any brand and any model) installed at customer locations.
  • Real time access to the device meter, device status, supplies level, consumption, coverage, duration and frequency of consumable changes with the support of Power Bi Business Intelligence reporting.
  • Automated consumables management: alerts triggered based on levels, remaining days or pages; can be directly integrated into any external ordering system with API. Forecast the quantity of consumables that will need to be purchased in a period through Power Bi dynamic reports.
  • Using performance tools like the Supplies Intelligence Dashboard, you can analyze usage trends, yield gap and toner coverage to track the profitability of the device.
  • Comprehensive customer contract management related to the devices, based on toner usage, cost per page or global MPS offerings.
  • Automated meter readings and direct integration with virtually any ERP system using full API service for a smooth customer billing process.

High-performing DCA Technology

The DCA can be installed on several systems at the customer’s site, activating a cluster mode, or be embedded directly on selected OEM devices.

Device Web Access

Provide technical support remotely with no need for a remote connection to the customer’s network!!

KDFM eXplorer Analytics

This Microsoft Power BI Embedded technology provides extremely sophisticated analysis even for users without previous experience, thanks to its extreme user-friendliness.



Empower businesses to sustain and grow the global forestry system by offsetting paper consumption and planting trees.

PaperCut Data Integration

Interactive visuals on the print usage data for an optimization strategy on environmental impact and cost savings.