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KDFM now includes the Embedded function* for your Konica-Minolta devices (with OpenAPI platform) and equivalent models in Develop and Olivetti


  • Track each copy, scan, fax or print job per user or customer number produced on OpenAPI Konica-Minolta & equivalent multifunctions (version v3 or v4).
  • Set-up a declining balance, based on the job cost, total number of pages or number of colour pages.
  • Customer costs recovery or reassignment internally.
  • Option to avoid the untimely usage of colour or a specific function (copy, fax…).
  • The printing jobs are released only when the user is in front of the Konica-Minolta or equivalent MFPs OpenAPI platform: less paper waste and privacy guaranteed.

Contact your Katun sales representative to know how benefit from this new offer and try it for free.


*available with KDFM PREMIER contract.