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In 1979, technology was much different than it is now.

The Apple II home computer was just gaining popularity among consumers because of its ability to display color graphics, the Sony Walkman was introduced to the enthusiastic masses, and the first commercial cellular network was established, making way for growth in global communication unlike anything the world had ever seen.

In the imaging industry, a little startup company with 15 employees, Katun Corporation, began developing new technologies and products that would challenge the dominance of original equipment manufacturers through a simple value proposition – to provide office equipment dealers with a legitimate, low-cost, high-quality alternative to high-priced OEM parts and supplies.

Technology has changed, and so has the imaging industry.

For 40 years, Katun has kept stride, evolving along with the industry, striving to meet the needs of dealers and distributors across the globe. Rest assured, as the industry evolves, Katun will be with you every step of the way, developing new products and embracing new technologies to help you grow your business.