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Katun® Corporation and BEI Services, Incorporated Announce New Territory Mapping Software as Part of Katun’s Customer Solutions Program

Use of this software provides customers with sophisticated workload distribution and territory management technology

MINNEAPOLIS – (February 2011) – Katun Corporation, the world’s leading alternative supplier to the office equipment industry, and BEI Services, Inc., the world’s only source of copier and service department benchmarking, is proud to announce the incorporation of “Demand Time” territory alignment software as part of the BEI Services component of Katun’s Customer Solutions Program.

With the Customer Solutions Program, Katun is investing in valuable, strategically-focused programs and services designed to make participants’ businesses more efficient, profitable and successful. The BEI Services component of this program was added as a unique way to partner with customers to analyze their businesses’ effectiveness and give them a competitive edge in controlling service costs, thereby increasing profitability. Capitalizing on BEI’s exclusive technologies, this new “Effective Workload Distribution” (EWD) software effectively distributes technician workload using mathematical calculations from historic service data; mapping and creating effective territories in minutes. It will also generate parts requirements by specific territory so dealerships know what to stock in their technician’s vehicles.

Katun President and CEO, Carlyle Singer, states, “Katun’s Customer Solutions program has been our premier loyalty program offering for the past several years. We are excited about the new technology BEI is offering with their Territory Mapping program and the integration of this software as a component of the Customer Solutions program. Katun is always looking for new ways to support and partner with our Dealer Customers, and BEI’s Territory Mapping is a prime example of this. We believe that dealers who utilize this innovative product offering from BEI while leveraging our Customer Solutions program to help support their initiatives will become more effective, efficient and profitable.”

“We are honored to have Katun include this product as another Customer Solutions offering from BEI Services. The tremendous popularity of this product has been overwhelming to say the least” says Bud Karakey, VP of Operations for BEI Services. “It is a truly a dynamic product that has dramatically increased service efficiencies for many dealerships. Creating territories based on equipment demand time and technician performance ensures properly aligned territories to better service customers. The system also generates the suggested car stock the technicians should carry in their territory. This further increases the service performance by reducing the need for technicians to return to a customer location due to not having the correct parts. We have enjoyed our partnership with Katun for many years, and we see many more opportunities in the near future for Katun and BEI Services to offer additional services to our customers.”

BEI is very excited about this fantastic innovation. Until this program was created, territory development was a painful and long process, so much so that it was only done when absolutely necessary and could take weeks to complete. With that in mind we designed this program to be flexible, but more so, an accurate way to assign an appropriate work load for a technician. Then once it’s created, the next step is to monitor this territory monthly to ensure the changes that have occurred have not adversely affected the assigned workload. If they have, it’s a simple process to revisit the territories and adjust as needed” says Wes McArtor, President of BEI Services, Inc.

For more information of Katun’s Customer Solutions Program, call Katun Customer Service at 1-800-328-2965.

About Katun Corporation

Headquartered in Minneapolis, Katun Corporation is one of the world’s leading alternative suppliers of compatible imaging supplies, photoreceptors and parts for the office equipment industry. With nearly three decades of expertise, Katun now serves more than 18,000 customers in 150 countries. For more information, visit Katun online at www.katun.com/eu.

About BEI Services

BEI Services has the only turnkey technician compensation program in the industry, providing dealers with a true pay-for-performance incentive plan. Dealers using BEI Services have experienced dramatic improvements in customer service, improved morale, and a reduction in service costs – at an average of 20%. For more information, visit BEI online at www.beiservices.com.