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Katun Message to Customers on Earthquake and Tsunami in Japan

Katun Corporation would like to express our sympathy and condolences to the people in the areas affected by the earthquake and tsunami in Japan. We have been in frequent contact with our manufacturing partners about this truly unprecedented and devastating event and its impact on the people of Japan. At this time, it is our understanding that our manufacturing partners and their employees in Japan are safe, and their facilities have received only minimal damage.

Although the capabilities of our manufacturing partners are not affected directly, disruption in raw material availability and the damage to Japan’s infrastructure have the potential to cause logistical difficulties (e.g. delays at ports) as finished products are shipped to Katun distribution sites for receipt in the May / June time-frame. However, we remain in frequent contact with our suppliers and are currently working out contingency plans, including possible air shipments on a selective basis. At this time, we believe these logistical challenges will be largely manageable and the effect on available inventory minimal or short-term in nature. In addition, our products and processes remain compliant with all health and safety regulations, and we will be monitoring them to ensure they remain so in the case of changing requirements.

We will continue to watch the situation closely and advise our customers if there is a significant change in product availability outlook as our suppliers – and Japan – recover from this tragic event.