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Katun® Corporation Introduces Katun® Performance Monochrome Toner
 for use in Ricoh Aficio 1022/3025/MP2510/MP3350-series Digital Copier/Printers

The introduction of this Katun® Performance™ toner represents the reentry of Katun® toner into the market for a wide range of Ricoh models

MINNEAPOLIS — (May 2011) — Katun Corporation, one of  the world’s leading alternative suppliers to the office equipment industry, is proud to introduce Katun® Performance™ monochrome toner for use in Ricoh Aficio 1022/3025/MP2510/MP3350-series digital copier/printers. This toner provides a reliable alternative for Ricoh dealers seeking to boost profitability of their Aficio 1022-series, Aficio 2022-series, Aficio 3025-series, MP 2510-series, MP-3010 series and MP 3350-series machines.

“This Katun® Performance™ toner has been developed and rigorously tested to provide OEM-equivalent toner performance across all essential performance categories – including overall print quality, image density, gray-scale reproduction, background levels, print/copy yields, and toner adhesion/fusing performance,” says Bob Moore, vice president of product development. “Not only do you benefit from cost savings and increased profitability, you can do so without sacrificing print performance – for you or your end-user customers.  And while this toner utilizes a patented Katun-exclusive cartridge design, it installs just like the OEM cartridge.”

This high-quality monochrome toner has been rigorously tested by the Katun laboratory under extreme usage and environmental conditions. These test results prove that the Katun® Performance™ toner provides OEM-equivalent performance. In addition, this toner has been tested and approved for forward and reverse compatibility with OEM toner, therefore this Katun® Performance™ toner can be installed before or after OEM toner, with no degradation in copy quality.

As with all Katun® Performance™ products, this monochrome toner may be ordered via the Katun Online Catalog – Katun’s one-stop Internet resource that allows registered customers to locate and order thousands of Katun products while accessing real-time information about their orders and accounts. Customers can access the Katun Online Catalog at www.katun.com/eu.

About Katun Corporation

Headquartered in Minneapolis, Katun Corporation is one of the world’s leading suppliers of OEM-compatible imaging supplies, photoreceptors, fuser rollers, parts and other select products and services for the office equipment industry. With more than 30 years of expertise, the privately held Katun now serves more than 16,000 customers in more than 135 countries. For more information, visit Katun online at www.katun.com/eu.