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Cleaning Supplies

Smart technicians know there’s a proper tool for every job — even cleaning. Choose the most appropriate wipe from Katun’s large selection, add one of our specialized cleaning solutions, and you’ll have the proper tools for any cleaning job — from the smallest smudge to the toughest stains.

Katun-brand wipes and cleaners are always an economical, reliable choice. We also carry well-known brands such as Kimberly-Clark®, Chicopee®, and Tech Spray™ to meet all your cleaning needs.

Machine and Drum Lubricants

Proper lubrication keeps vital machine parts clean, protects against corrosion, and enhances performance. Katun’s selection of greases and lubricants will keep your service calls running smoothly.

Lubrication is also essential when installing or servicing photoreceptors and drum cleaning blades. Katun’s Kynar® dusting pouch makes it easy to apply the lubrication necessary to avoid catastrophic “blade flip”.