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Why Choose KDFM?

As your true business partner, Katun is investing in valuable, strategically-focused programs and services designed to make your business more efficient, profitable and successful.

KDFM Managed Print Services (MPS) is a comprehensive suite of solutions, completely independent from the OEMs, that helps you to manage your printing systems more efficiently. By providing supplies and maintenance to your customers’ devices in a timely manner, KDFM helps you increase customer satisfaction by optimizing their print and document workflow and lowering their environmental impact.

While KDFM is offering all the main features from a remote device management software (automated meter reading, detection of consumables levels, alert management, competitive analysis…) it is expanding its scope to many more services:

  • User print analysis & governance
  • Pull-printing & secure release
  • Automatic toner fulfillment service
  • Direct integration into ERP or any logistic system

One of Katun’s core values is to be environmentally friendly – this is why we are now offering our dealers and their customers the opportunity to participate in reforestation programs worldwide with PrintReleaf, to automatically offset the paper consumption and reduce environmental impact.

Katun is assisting you throughout your KDFM experience by providing starting and advanced software training, supporting you by phone or email in your local language, and helping you transfer your customer database from your existing MPS solution to KDFM.

Select one of the pages below to learn more about the solution that best fits your print fleet.

KDFM Premier

KDFM Premier

Unique full MPS suite solutions.

KDFM Monitor

KDFM Monitor Advanced

Device management with no minimum billing quantity or time commitment.

KDFM Explorer

KDFM eXplorer

Device management software with a multiplatform DCA and full access to HP SDS.

KDFM Audit Key graphic

KDFM Audit Key

A quick and complete snapshot of networked printers for optimizing your sales quotation.

Print Releaf Logo

Print It, Plant It

KDFM Reforestation Program to offset your paper output.

TCM4 – RFID Multi Frequency Technology Card Reader

NEW! TCM4 RFID Multi Frequency Technology Card Reader

The Easiest Solution for Authentication.

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