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Safely clean your office equipment with a full line of electrostatic discharge (ESD) toner vacuums from Katun.

Why you need a custom vacuum for cleaning office equipment

The xerographic process relies on creating a positive and negative electric charge to transport toner to the photoreceptor and ultimately transfer toner onto paper. Because toner works with static charge, a specialized grounded vacuum is needed to safely vacuum toner and office equipment. Moving toner in a regular or ordinary vacuum can build static and lead to shocks, small explosions or even a fire. In addition, toner particles are exceptionally small (as small as .3 microns) and require special filtration to avoid the potential of clogging filters and/or spewing dust back into the air.

Electrostatic discharge (ESD) vacuums are engineered to provide static electricity to be grounded. With the appropriate ESD vacuum, you are able to safely vacuum toner and other dust and particles found in copiers and printers.

Katun by SCS toner vacuum, formerly the 3M 497 toner vacuum, OEM PNs  497AB, 497AJ, SCS-67422

Katun by SCS Field Service Toner Vacuum

Whether responding to a tough toner spill or performing routine cleanup, the Katun by SCS field service toner vacuum (formerly 3M toner vacuum) has the power, filtration, and portability required for optimum cleaning performance — making it one of the world’s finest vacuums and the service technician/engineer’s number one choice. This rugged vacuum is built to withstand years of use.

Katun offers three Ultivac Atrix vacuums, the Ultivac Deluxe, Ultivac Jr, and the HCTV vacuum cleaner, OEM PN 7500001 and ATIHCTV5

UltiVac Toner Vacuums by Atrix

Katun offers several UltiVac™ vacuum models that deliver powerful, cost-effective performance. These affordable service vacuums are designed with durable latches and hinges, and are ideal for virtually any office equipment cleanup task.

Katun by SCS electronics vacuum, formerly the 3M electronics vacuum, OEM PN 497AJM

Katun by SCS Electronics Vacuum

Katun now offers the Katun by SCS Electronics Vacuum. The Katun by SCS Electronics Vacuum has all the features of the Katun by SCS Field Service Toner Vacuum, but includes an RFI filter that provides an additional level of safety. It is constructed with electrostatic dissipative plastic and includes static dissipative accessories that help reduce the risk of damage. This vacuum offers added protection for RF susceptible components found inside copiers, printers, and other office equipment.

Katun by SCS electronics toner vacuum filter, formerly the 3M vacuum filter, OEM PNs:  SV-MPF2, SV-SPF1

Vacuum Accessories

Keep your vacuum running clean by replacing the toner vacuum filter at regular intervals. Katun offers several filter types and sizes for Katun by SCS, UltiVac®, and other service vacuums. You can also expand the capabilities of your vacuum with nozzles, brushes, replacement hoses, and carrying cases — all available from Katun.

Attachments and toner filters fit all 3M, UltiVac, and Atrix service vacuum cleaners.