High-Quality, Reliable OPC Drums and Drum Units

OPC Drums

Unlike many other aftermarket companies, Katun is actively involved in product development and testing of its photoreceptors. Extensive testing ensures optimum electrical and dimensional characteristics. In addition, in-machine tests are conducted over the drum’s full actual life, under conditions simulating real-world usage as closely as possible.

Katun offers a wide variety of OPC drums, OPC Kits, and drum unit rebuild kits for virtually every major OEM line in the world today.

Drum Unit/Cartridges

Katun offers numerous refurbished drum units and drum cartridges (DU/Cs) for many popular OEM copier/MFP applications.

Each part of Katun’s thorough and exacting four-part drum cartridge remanufacturing process helps produce a DU/C that delivers consistent quality, exceptional performance, and superior value – enabling you to keep service costs low and profits high.