Frequently Asked Questions

How do I order a Katun product?

If you are a Katun customer, simply visit the Katun Online Catalog and login using your username and password.

If you are a Katun customer, but have not registered for the online catalog, contact Katun customer service or your Katun sales representative, or register for the online catalog using the registration form under: Support / How to Buy / Current Customer Online Access.

We do not sell directly to end users. We sell only to organizations and individuals who are in the business of reselling imaging supplies and parts. One exception is accessory products. Please contact Katun customer service at 1-800-328-2965 for more information.

How do I become a Katun customer?

You must be in the business of reselling imaging supplies and parts, please request an application to be sent to you. Our online request form can be found here.

What is involved in the registration process?

Once we receive your registration and review it, we will send you an application. When we receive your application and tax exemption certificate, we will set up your account. The time involved varies, especially if the application is missing key information.

How can I reach your customer service department?

Please call us at 1-800-328-2965.

Please email us at

Or visit the “Contact Us” section of our website [Button]

Can I see Katun’s product offering and price?

If you are a Katun customer, log into the Katun Online Catalog.

If you are not a Katun customer, you can view our product offering by registering for our no-price catalog. This version of our catalog does not include pricing and will not allow you to place orders. Click on “How to Buy” at the top of this page.

Where do you ship products from?

In North America, most products ship from our warehouse in Davenport, Iowa. However, a few products will ship from alternate locations.