Katun’s Exemplary Order Fill Rate Keeps You Ready for Business

Katun’s distribution and logistics goal is to provide customers with the best service in the industry. In fact, Katun’s efficient inventory management and distribution systems are together responsible for an exemplary order fill rate, and efficient, competitively priced delivery worldwide.

From modest beginnings in a single 1,600-square-foot facility, Katun has grown to serve our worldwide customers from numerous facilities in many different countries. We are an international company in the truest sense, as Katun personnel efficiently process and ship orders for 8,000 customers in over 120 countries. Our full-service regional distribution centers include:

North American Distribution Center (NADC)

The North American Distribution Center (NADC) in Davenport, Iowa, U.S.A. became fully operational in 1994. This 120,000-square-foot facility serves customers throughout North America and selected international markets.

European Distribution Center (EDC)

Katun’s European Distribution Centre relocated to in Tiel, The Netherlands in June 2022. The modern facility boasts over 120,000 square feet of warehouse space, 13 truck loading docks and a specialist area for our technical team. Eco-friendly additions include solar panels for energy, LED lighting throughout and a waste saving innovative package machine. The distribution centre provides excellent service to customers throughout Europe, Africa, and the Middle East.

Latin American Distribution Centers

Katun operates country-specific distribution centers in Brazil and Mexico.