High-Quality Service Accessories

Give your technicians what they need to succeed.

From Vacuums to Tool Kits
and Everything In Between

The same high-quality standards used in developing Katun parts and supplies are applied in assembling Katun’s extensive service accessories offering. Katun is your source for vacuums, cleaning supplies, tools, and other products that are essential for service calls and help service technicians/engineers work more efficiently.

Toner Vacuums

Whether responding to a tough toner spill or performing routine cleanup, Katun vacuums have the power, filtration, and portability required for optimum cleaning performance.

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Cleaning Supplies and Lubricants

Smart technicians know there’s a proper tool for every job — even cleaning.

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For maximum convenience, select one of Katun’s many premium-quality, cost-effective tool kits, already complete with the tools and accessories required to effectively service virtually any copier.

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Additional Accessories

In addition to vacuums, cleaning supplies, and tools, Katun offers the extra products you need to keep your operation running smoothly.

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