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Take The Katun® Business Color Challenge*

Challenge #1: Spot The Sample Created Using OEM Toner

Below are three print samples. Look closely and you will notice variations – some subtle, some obvious – from one sample to another. Can you spot the print sample created using OEM toner? Click on whichever sample you think was created using OEM toner.


Katun® Business Color Testing Criteria

  • Assessment of OEM performance
  • Forward & reverse compatibility with OEM toner
  • Assessment of OEM material & physical properties
  • Full life testing vs. OEM stated yields
  • Katun material properties assessment
  • Toner adhesion
  • Fit & function of cartridges
  • Temperature & humidity environmental performance
  • Image density
  • Gray scale density
  • Background imaging
  • Dusting & machine cleanliness
  • Toner flowability
  • Dot quality
  • Edge raggedness
  • Resolution
  • Line quality
  • Extraneous marks
  • Toner scatter
  • Text quality
  • Halftone quality
  • Background


*The origins of the displayed images are digital test prints made using the machines noted, using the manufacturer’s brand photoreceptor/imaging unit, and either the manufacturer’s or Katun toner. The test prints were scanned using a Canon imagePRESS C1, and those files were uploaded to this website. Absolutely no modifications have been made to the test prints or digital files.