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Four-Part Drum Cartridge Remanufacturing Process

Katun’s Exacting Four-Part Drum Cartridge Remanufacturing Process


Part 1: Meticulous Inspection and Cleaning

Environmental Testing Chambers Katun’s exacting inspection of all used drum cartridges received from dealers and distributors ensures Katun starts with the best. Only defect-free drum cartridges are selected for remanufacturing. Similarly, each reusable part of the drum cartridge is carefully examined to verify material and structural integrity. Only those components that are defect-free are used in remanufacturing.

Thorough Cleaning of All Components

Each reusable drum cartridge part and assembly, from the cartridge frame to the waste toner feed pipe, is carefully cleaned to remove all contaminants. To help ensure end-users receive consistent copy quality, the following critical components are given special attention:

  • Charge Components Corona Assembly. Katun discards the used corona wire and cleans the entire assembly ultrasonically to remove all contaminants that could inhibit proper charging or lead to potentially catastrophic corona wire arcing.
  • Charge Rollers. When applicable, Katun thoroughly cleans each charge roller to remove all contaminants.
    Cleaning System Components Katun thoroughly cleans all drum cartridge sub-components, which is crucial for consistent performance and reliability.

Part 2: Installation of High-Quality Katun Products

Each drum cartridge is reassembled to exacting specifications – right down to the torque pressure for each screw. In addition, all performance-critical used parts are replaced with brand-new, high-quality Katun products, including:

  • New Photoreceptor. The Katun photoreceptor installed in each refurbished drum cartridge comes with the Katun® Performance™ 360º Certification process. Many of these photoreceptors incorporate coating technologies that provide enhanced abrasion-resistance and longer potential photoreceptor life. All used photoreceptors are recycled according to local laws.
  • New Drum Cleaning Blades. Katun poly-urethane drum cleaning blades, installed in every Katun drum cartridge, are held to extremely tight manufacturing tolerances, and are backed by the Katun® Performance™ 360º Certification process. To protect against blade flip and minimize photoreceptor abrasion at startup, each blade and photoreceptor is lubricated with the proper amount of Kynar powder or toner.
  • New Corona Wires. Where applicable, a pre-cut gold-plated corona wire is installed into the meticulously-cleaned corona assembly of each drum cartridge, helping ensure uniform charging of the drum and consistent copy quality throughout the cartridge’s life. With Katun pre-cut wire, tension is always within OEM specifications upon installation.

Part 3: Rigorous Quality Assurance

Computer-Controlled Adaptive Fuser StationKatun builds quality into the entire remanufacturing process, nothing is taken for granted.

  • All components are individually and system tested.
  • Each drum cartridge is tested with Katun and OEM parts and consumables to ensure compatibility.
  • Each drum cartridge is subjected to a final inspection and testing process to ensure user-end satisfaction.
  • All drum cartridges are approved according to the Katun® Performance™ 360º Certification process.

Part 4: Packaging

Custom, model specific packaging is designed to handle not only the out-bound shipment but also the return shipment of the empty cartridges. This 2-way packaging gives our customers an easy-to-use, robust method for returning empty cartridges.