Katun Responds to Canon’s U.S. Patent Lawsuit

Katun Corporation

August 24, 2022

MINNEAPOLIS – (August 24, 2022) – Recently, Canon filed a complaint with the District Court of Minnesota asserting potential patent infringement of one newly-issued Canon patent.

“Katun is confident the products it is selling for use in Canon applications are non-infringing and we will work diligently to reach resolution on the issue with Canon,” said William McIntyre, General Counsel for Katun Corporation.

“Katun continues to lead the aftermarket industry for over 40 years in providing IP-compliant, high-quality products. Working together with our owners, GPI in Taiwan, we continue to invest significant resources into ensuring IP-compliance. This includes using robust processes and procedures, employing several intellectual property specialists, and relying heavily on subject matter expertise.”